Editing a Flow

The “Flow” view gives you a perfect balance between visibility and organization. You can easily rearrange pages in this view to create a straightforward, logical structure.

  • Click on any tile in the flow view to be taken to the page view of that page.
    Flow View
  • To begin editing a flow, click the “Edit” button in the toolbar.
    Edit a Flow
  • To add a page you’ve surfmarked into your flow, drag its tile into the surfmark from the surfstream at the bottom of the page.
    Add From Stream
  • To rearrange a page in your surfmark, click and drag the page you want to move to a spot in the graph next to a different page. A blue indicator will show where it will be dropped.
    Move Flow Tile
  • To remove a page from your surfmark, hover your mouse over the page and click the “X” button which appears in the tile.
    Delete Flow Tile
  • You can organize your flow chart by groups. Click the “Add” button in the editing toolbar to create a new group.
    Flow Groups
  • When you are in grouping mode, your mouse becomes a cross-hair, and you can use it to drag a box around the items you would like to group. You can also select individual pages to add to the group by clicking on them while holding down the SHIFT key. Tiles selected for the group will have a blue border.
    Select a Group
  • Give the group a description so you can easily remember what it contains later. The groups in a surfmark’s flow are the same as the chapters in its book.
    Name a Group
  • You can delete a group by clicking the “Delete” button from the editing toolbar. Select which group you want to delete from the drop-down menu.
    Delete a Group
  • When you have finished editing a flow, hit the “Save” button at the top of the page.
    Save a Flow