Editing a Page

You can edit a page any time you like, and access all of the editing tools you had in the Surflet and toolbar from within the surfmark at the Surfmark website.

    • To open up a page for editing, click on a page in any viewing mode or directly from the Page view of the “My Surfmarks” screen.
      Pick a Page
    • Click the pen symbol to open all of the standard editing tools: note, text, highlight, and draw. Use these tools to freely edit any page on Surfmark.com!
      Editing Tools Button
    • Click the PDF symbol to download the page to your computer as a PDF file.
      PDF Button
    • Mark a page as one of your “Favorites” by clicking the star button.
      Favorites button
    • Click on the page button to view a text-only version of this page.Text Only Button
    • Click on the stack icon in the upper left corner to return to the surfmark collection view.
      Return Button
    • Quickly jump to the next or previous page in the surfmark by using the blue left and right arrows found in the center of the page.
      Next Pages
    • Click the link in the center of a page to view the original page on its original website.
      Source Link