Making Your Surfmarks Private

By default, nearly all pages and surfmarks you create will be public so that your searches contribute to the surfmark community and knowledge base. However, if you have something that must be private, you have to ability to lock it.

  1. Making a Page Private with the Firefox Toolbar
    • Pages with an open lock or no lock at all will be saved as public. Click the lock to change this.
      Public in Stream
    • Pages with a closed lock will be saved privately. Click the lock to change this.
      Private in Stream
  2. Making a Surfmark Private
    • After publishing any surfmark, you will have ten minutes to make it private. After ten minutes, you will not be able to change this setting.
      Ten Minute Window
    •  If you would like to make a surfmark private, enter editing mode in the surfmark’s flow view and then click the lock icon in the editing toolbar.
      Flow Lock Button
    • Enter a password for the surfmark. For anybody besides you to access the surfmark, they will need a link to it and its password.
      Enter Password