Viewing Bibliographic Information

You can always easily access the bibliographic information for your surfmark for reference in your research.

  • You can access the bibliographic information by clicking the “Summary” button in any viewing mode.
    Summary Button
  • A window will pop up which displays all of your surfmark’s bibliographic information, page by page. Summary Pop Up
  • You can choose to view all of the summary or only certain parts of it by checking and unchecking the boxes at the top of the summary.
    Summary Display Options
  • You can also edit the surfmark description and page abstracts by clicking the “Edit” button.
    Summary Edit
  • Simply type each description you want to change into the text boxes.
    Edit Summary
  • Make sure to save your work when you’re done editing by clicking the “Save” button.
    Summary Save
  • You can also copy all of the bibliographic information to the clipboard to quickly export it for any other use.
    Copy to Clipboard
  • In addition, you can also always view any page’s bibliographic information for a surfmark by clicking the book button in the upper right-hand corner of the page view.
    Bibliography Button

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